What’s EzeeLeads

EzeeLeads is primarily built for use by field sales staff, exhibitors participating in events, conferences, trade fairs, expos etc.


A smartphone application that will help to capture the visitors card in a digital format rather than the more mundane fashion of collecting business cards.


EzeeLeads is here to replace such classical and rudimentary processes of collecting cards into a Digital format using ones smartphone device, besides rendering the ability to also send out a Thank You email to his corporate email ID.


Key Advantages of EzeeLeads

  • Replaces the collection of business cards which later becomes junk and Expedites the Detailed Data collection of the prospect in digital form
  • Renders data card collection redundant process thus forestalling the need to store physical cards
  • Helps save time after the meeting by enabling the user to stay in touch with prospects via email
  • Establish an immediate connection with the prospect via Thank You SMS and Emails
  • Send your company profile and Product brochures along with the email instantly
  • Priority wise reports (since there is a field called Priority) which will show the Number of High to Low priority type visitors
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